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  • Multi-Value All The Wasm!

    Multi-value is a proposed extension to core WebAssembly that enables functions to return many values, among other things. It is also a prerequisite for Wasm interface types. Nick Fitzgerald has been adding multi-value support all over the place recently, started with the Rust and WebAssembly toolchain. Next he added support ...

  • Multiple-column Layout and column-span in Firefox 71

    Firefox 71, now available in Developer Edition and Beta, is an exciting release for fans of CSS Layout. Recently, we covered the arrival of subgrid in Firefox, but there is another property that we've also been keeping an eye on. Firefox 71 implements column-span from Multiple-column Layout. In this post ...

  • Creating UI Extensions for WebThings Gateway

    Version 0.10 of Mozilla’s WebThings Gateway brings support for extension-type add-ons. Released last week, this powerful new capability lets developers modify the user interface (UI) to their liking with JavaScript and CSS. We also provide libraries for writing UI extensions in Python or node.js if you prefer. Let us know ...

  • Thermostats, Locks and Extension Add-ons – WebThings Gateway 0.10

    Today we are releasing WebThings Gateway 0.10. This new release comes with support for thermostats and smart locks, as well as an updated add-ons system including extension add-ons, which enable developers to extend the gateway user interface. We’ve also added localisation settings so that you can choose your country, language, ...

  • Upcoming notification permission changes in Firefox 72

    Earlier this year we decided to reduce the amount of unsolicited notification permission prompts people receive as they move around the web using the Firefox browser. This is an intrinsic part of Mozilla's commitment to putting people first when they are online. In preparation, we ran a series of studies ...

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